Friday, November 19, 2010


The right movement is a condition, where the energy existance is equals to the balanced universe energy, which suppose to bring harmonize balance to the body system through its usage. Being energized by low wave frequency, it increases the body senses and builds self-capability towards the 'right' characteristic, which means goodness. Everything towards the goodness starts with the right movement; planets movement, tawaf at Kaabah, atom's movement, blood's circulation in the body etc are parts of the universe movement, which reach the equilibrium.

Food digesting system has to go through left law procedure to create energy. But when the energy is formed, it will make the right movement immediately. The same thing happen to all the senses which involves the third eye sense, which detects and analyses energy from external concept and is actually doing right vibration receiving principle.

Anti-clockwise or to the right concept is actually a natural movement, such as blood circulation circulates the blood from the heart's left side to the right and back to the left.
and many more

The right movement clock will change the perception of the wearer to put things under control, help to lighten the sickness and acts as a prevention to the polluted radiation disturbance. Not only that, there are still many other usages.

"This right moving clock could function as the natural balancing for every second to fulfill the basic energy's law which has happened since the creation of the universe and human existence.

"Anything with energy will make a movement according to its law. The basic law of movement is moving from the left to the right. So, do everything by starting it from the right.

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