Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Come and meet us at TV3!!!

Hi everyone! i would like to inform you guys that D.U.C.T is opening up a booth at TV3 in Bandar Utama starting from 4th-6th of January which is from Tuesday to Thursday. Our booth will take place at the lobby of the office. We will be opening from 11am to 5pm. During this 3 days, we are giving away 10% discounts to the first 15 customers that actually buy our watches at the booth. We also have special offer for TV3 staffs! So everyone out there come and visit us and see it with yourselves the real ANTI CLOCKWISE watch. Below is the address for TV3:

Alt Media Sdn. Bhd.
Sri Pentas,
No. 3, Persiaran Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Lets learn a little bit about MAGNETISM

Magnetism is a physical force that has a physical effect on your body. Magnetism happens on an atomic level where electrons can be directed to all spin in the same direction. Magnetism is an alignment of electrons in iron or other material in a uniform direction between opposite magnetic poles, forming a balance of positive and negative fields. Magnetism is a natural energizer for your body. Even the natural mineral magnetite has been discovered in the human brain.

How it works :
·         By making the electrons in our body spins in the same direction with the earth which is (COUNTERCLOCKWISE/ANTICLOCKWISE) thus making our body magnetic field equivalent to Earth’s Natural, Magnetic Field (by exposing  external static EMF to our body – static EMF is created using Direct Current from the quartza batt). The earth’s natural, magnetic field is essential for the existence of all living things, including your body. Plants, animals, and humans need magnetism.
·         Usually electrons in our body spin in random directions. But, when magnetized, the electrons all spin in the same direction. When all the electrons spin counterclockwise, it creates a negative magnetic field. Or, when all the electrons spin clockwise, it creates a positive magnetic field.
·         By magnetizing electrons also, it will stimulating the reactivity/rotation of the electrons through the vibration hence enhancing the flow of energy in our body.
·         Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome (MFDS), according to Dr. Nakagawa, is a condition whose symptoms include insomnia; fatigue; stiffness in the shoulders, back, and neck; chest pain; headaches; and constipation. It’s caused by lack of exposure to the earth’s magnetic field. Living in a steel-reinforced, concrete house can lead to MFDS.
·         The negative magnetic field is the one to use on your body. It calms the body and is believed to expand capillaries resulting in increased blood and oxygen to the area.

The positive field stresses the body and can be dangerous with long-term exposure. Only doctors should apply the positive pole to their patients for special treatments.
·         negative magnetic field
o   calms the body
o   neutralize ph
o   increase oxygen
o   reduce cellular swelling
·         positive magnetic field
o   stresses the body
o   increase acidity
o   reduce oxygen
o   increase cellular swelling
Magnets have been observed to increase blood flow to small capillaries. The capillary walls are thought to be relaxed and dilated by magnetism. Once the extra blood flow begins, then a whole chain of Metabolic Reactions occur:
1.  pH is restored from acid to neutral, which releases oxygen from its bound  form to its molecular free form.
2.  Oxygen is transported for tissue regeneration to the cells.
3.  Free radicals are reduced by energizing enzymes.
4.  Energy is produced from ATP in the cells.
5. Metabolic toxins, such as lactic acid, are drained.
6. Cellular swelling (edema) is decreased.

Magnetic fields appear to greatly increase blood flow in the tiny capillaries. For example, via testing…a way of measuring blood flow through the fingers, Dr. Lawrence found a rate of 300% increase in five minutes – a dramatic change. (Magnet Therapy: The Pain Cure Alternative, Ron Lawrence, M.D., Ph.D., Paul J. Rosch, M.D., p. 91)
The human body is about 70% water. Magnetism lowers water’s surface tension so that it becomes thinner and more absorbable. Theoretically, watery blood circulates better after becoming thinner and more absorbable after being magnetized.
When blood flow is increased to your cells, then your body’s natural, metabolic healing functions occur much more rapidly. Circulation brings life and healing. Biomagnets don’t cure pain from the outside. They stimulate your body’s own healing processes.
When red blood cells are examined under a microscope they are often clumped together in the blood of people with ailments. With a magnetic treatment, the red blood cells disperse, allowing more oxygen transfer from the lungs. (Magnetic Healing, Buryl Payne, Ph.D.)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Official D.U.C.T Anti/Counter Clockwise limited edition watch

D.U.C.T watch (Black) only for RM600

D.U.C.T watch (White) only for RM600

Watch information

Brand Name:
Model number:
Part Number:
Item Shape:
Dial window material type:
Sapphire crystal
Display Type:
Rose gold tone-Buckle
Case material:
Rose gold tone-stainless-steel
Case diameter:
35 millimeters
Case Thickness:
5 millimeters
Band material:
Dark brown genuine leather
Band length:
23 centimeters
Band width:
20 millimeters
Dial color:
Black / White
Bezel material:
Rose gold tone-stainless-steel
Bezel Function:
Special Features:
Counterclockwise Movement
34.7 gram
Water resistant depth:
50 Meters
Warranty Period:
12 months 
USD 195.00 / RM 600.00

Thursday, December 16, 2010

ATTENTION!! Agent needed!!

We are in Need of Agent for our D.U.C.T products. We have a very special offer and special privileges for those who become our agent. So, what are you people waiting for??Grab your opportunity while you still can! Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in becoming our agent.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Are there any well-known timepieces on which the hands travel anti-clockwise??

Munster astrological clock in Germany

SHOULD you find yourself in Munster, Germany, be sure to see the magnificent astronomical clock in St Paul's cathedral. This complex, beautiful machine was made between 1540 and 1543 by printer Theodor Tzwyvel and Franciscan friar Johannes Aquensis, who made the astronomical calculations, wrought-iron craftsman Nikolaus Windemaker, painter Ludger tom Ring and sculptor Johann Brabender.
Its main purpose was to calculate Easter, a complicated business since the date is related to the phases of the Moon.
The Munster clock is divided into 24 hours, runs anti-clockwise and indicates hours and minutes simultaneously. Each red and white line within the circle of Roman numerals represents four minutes.
The sun, or hour, hand reaches across the whole diameter of the clock face and follows the position of the sun in the sky, its angle of declination, current position in the zodiac and the hour. Five minor hands indicate the position of the planets Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Saturn and Mercury, while a silver ball (half-painted black) represents not only the Moon's position in the sky, but also its phase. The clock is adorned with the zodiac signs painted round the face and several carved figures. Death and Chronos are on the right and strike the quarters of the hour. Death holds the arrow of death in his left hand and a hammer in his right; Chronos has a sickle of destruction and turns his hour-glass at every stroke of the bell.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Why do runners always run in COUNTER CLOCKWISE direction??

This is a very different discussion and I believe that many of us are unaware of this fact. It is very simple fact, yet, most often we forget to observe this, whenever we watch any track and field event, in specific, running.We just watch the speed in which the athletes run, but fail to notice one thing? In any track and field event runners run in counter clockwise direction.So let us discuss the reason behind this.

Really I was unaware of this fact, until i read about this fact in a book. It is true that all the runners in athletics runs only in a counter clockwise direction and you can notice that there is only left turns on their path( usually when it is 400 m, 800 m or more, you can see that the runners have to cover more laps and on their way they have only left turns).Well friends, don't confuse which is clockwise and counter clockwise. just imagine the situation, as such you are watching the runners, sitting in the stadium.Then you can clear understand that the runners run in counter clockwise direction all time ( i.e for example... opposite to the direction, in wish you brush your teeth, if you are a right handed ). Still you are confused, you can watch the video( Usain Bolt's 100 meter final at Olympics ) below which explains the direction (counter clockwise), in which the runners usually run.

So I guess, by this time you are clear about the direction in which the runners run.So let us see the reason why runners always run in the counter clockwise direction. The reason is simple and it is also based on the structure of the human body. The most precious part of any human body is heart and it is located on the left side of the body. So running in the anticlockwise direction ensures that the centrifugal force force in the body to act from left to right and as a result we can say that the blood circulation is very good.

The principal vein carrying blood to the hear is known as Superior Venecava, and it takes the heart aided by heart suction and more importantly this vein carries deoxygenated blood from the upper half of the body to the heart's right atrium

So this centrifugal force, due to running in counter clockwise direction, will helps this and also increase the blood circulation and it does not make the athlete tired very soon. On the other hand running in clockwise direction, will make the centrifugal force to impede suction and it tires athletes.It is also said that, when an athlete runs in counter clockwise direction, he encounters only left turns and as a matter of fact left turns are more easier than that of right turns.I guess this fact would have helped you to know something interesting and i also thank for all those who actually find the reason for runners running in counter clockwise direction.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Do you realise almost all planets rotating anti clockwise??

The Earth revolves (orbits) counter-clockwise around the Sun as viewed from above the North Pole. The Earth rotates (spins) on its axis counter-clockwise as well. The Moon also revolves around the Earth counter-clockwise.
In general (there are a few exceptions) all the material that formed the Solar system revolved around the Sun in a counter-clockwise direction due to the conservation of angular momentum when the material contracted to form the planetary disk. 
All the major planets except one if viewed from above their northern pole, rotate anti clockwise and orbit the sun in an anti clockwise direction. Venus is an odd one out, as it rotates clockwise and orbits the sun in clockwise direction.